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Building Culture and Connection

"As a field rep I don't get to see my colleagues very often. LilyPad helps me feel part of the team and company again. Love it!"

Better Habits and Behaviors

"Our reps know exactly what is expected of them each and every day. This is an amazing tool for on boarding new reps and inspiring the entire team."

Fun & Healthy Competition

"We were amazed how quickly our reps responded when we turned their workday into a competition. Everyone wanted bragging rights!"

Remote Coaching and Training

"We can now instantly identify coachable moments, and more importantly, immediately deploy tangible adjustments."

So what makes us different?

Focus. Most sales technologies are 'baked' from within and pushed out to field, leaving dispersed teams frustrated and wishing for more. Lilypad turns the focus towards your most valuable asset, your team, and the solutions they need to be successful.

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Reps thrive around other people; to do their work well, reps have to get moving, talk to other people, get on the road. To do the type of face-to-face business that they do, reps need to know who to see, where to go, and when people are available — but for reps who juggle accounts scattered all over a city, state, or multi-state region, keeping track of where everyone is can get tricky.

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Plan To Get Excited About Our Planner Feature

One of the beer reps we work with told us that every Sunday night, he sits down to plan out his week. He goes over the promotional events, and set appointments, coming up that week and then spends time targeting accounts near those events to make the most of his time.

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